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Tender Mercies Program
Tender Mercies Program

In 2008 Peoria Midwest Food Bank recogonized the need for higher nutrition, at less cost and started research with universities and 

corporations to develop a packaged, dry meal called "Tender Mercies".  Volunteers officially started packaging meals in 2010.  The model has grown into a multi-facitated packaging program and in 2013 moved to a new Midwest Food Bank packaging facility in Morton, IL.


The Tender Mercies program was initiated at the Midwest Food Bank (MFB) and addresses two of the most unjust hardships – lack of food and lack of nutrition. This cross-cultural product is a dried, prepackaged meal that will serve 4 to 6 people. If water can be heated to a boil, a soul can be satisfied with a warm, flavorful and nutritious meal. They are distributed via our locations, backpack programs, relief centers and food pantries in the USA and in other countries across the globe. Tender Mercies can be shipped in the USA by pallet and over seas by container to assigned country and ports. 



This is a video of Midwest Food Bank packaging machine running.  This machine packages large donations of beans, rice and pasta's at our Morton Midwest Food Bank packaging and logistics location.  Click here to view.

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